4-IN-1 PEEKABOOS® Arrow Cable™ - Birch (taupe + white)

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  PEEKABOOS® 4-IN-1 Arrow Cable™ Ponytail Hat
  Hides 3 Openings For High, Medium, and Low Ponytails 
•  Openings Disappear When Not in Use (Wear it Without a Ponytail and Leave No Unsightly Holes)
•  Double Layer Design, Insulated with Breathable Jersey Knit
•  MADE IN THE U.S.A. (Germantown, Wisconsin)

  Can Also be Worn as a Bun Beanie
•  Size:  Adult/Misses
•  Non-Itch, Acrylic Knit Fiber
•  Designed for Leisure or Sports Activities
•  Machine Wash/Dry on Gentle/Delicate Cycle
•  Time Saving, Problem Solving, Versatile and Convenient